Capability development

We help you understand, define and procure systems and equipment that works for you right first time.

Our capability development support acts as the 'front-end' of the requirements and acceptance process, helping you to define the capability required, and establish the requirements which must be met to enable your systems to deliver that capability.

Through a detailed systems engineering approach, we enable you to develop the requirements that define what your capability must achieve and what your system must do to meet that need. We use many systems engineering techniques to help you to develop these requirements, including functional development and analysis, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and stakeholder analysis.

We then work with you to elicit and detail the user and system requirements, and the supporting documentation which define the processes to be used, adapting these to your needs, and the sector in which your system will operate, whether in defence, aerospace, energy or industry.

Using these 'front-end' acceptance planning methods, we support you to describe how your system and capability will be accepted into service, and how they will be verified against your requirements.

Our services include:

  • Development of Concept of Employment (CONEMP) and Concept of Use (CONUSE) documentation, which defines the environment and context in which a defence capability/system will operate
  • Development of systems engineering and requirements and acceptance management plans, which define the policies and processes to be followed in the development of requirements and verification and validation (V&V) sets
  • Elicitation and development of user/stakeholder requirements, which define the capability and what it must do to meet their needs. This process underpins the whole capability, by ensuring that the system is developed to delive a fully understood and agreed higher-level need
  • Elicitation and development of system requirements (potentially at multiple levels), which define what the system must be able to achieve to meet your users’ requirements
  • Development of front-end acceptance planning processes and polices, including integrated test, evaluation and acceptance plans (ITEAPs), which define the acceptance and V&V processes, and the capability and acceptance milestones through which your capability will be brought into service
  • Development of verification and validation requirements matrices (VVRMs), which define the design review, testing and trials events which must be undertaken to achieve acceptance of each system and user requirement, including detailing the evidence that must be produced to ensure acceptance can be justified.

We can conduct these work-streams as stand-alone tasks, or as an integrated systems engineering approach to the development of a system.

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