Verification and validation

Applying leading verification and validation techniques to system acceptance.

Verification and validation (V&V) is a key activity that enables the proper acceptance of a System into service, as defined in the System and User Requirements. Our capability encompasses the delivery of 'front-end' V&V planning, to create the processes and databases necessary to conduct V&V, and 'back-end' V&V management which sees the recording of system testing and the production of Acceptance Cases that allow a System to be successfully declared operational from a robust evidence base.

We undertake a detailed Systems Engineering approach to develop the V&V and Acceptance documentation and database necessary to enable Acceptance of a System and Capability into service. We are adept at working with Stakeholders and technical Subject Matter Experts to identify the processes, tests, trials and acceptance events necessary for the acceptance into service of systems, from simple to the highly complex. We adapt these to the needs of the client and the domain in which their system will operate, across Defence, Aerospace, Energy and Industry.

Our services include:

- Development of front-end Acceptance Planning processes and polices, including Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance Plans (ITEAPs), which define the Acceptance and V&V processes and the Capability and Acceptance Milestones through which the Capability will be brought into service.

- Development of Verification and Validation Requirements Matrices (VVRMs), which define the design review, testing and trials events which must be undertaken to achieve acceptance of each System and User Requirement.

- Identification of the evidence requirements necessary to ensure that robust assessments can be made about whether a requirement can be accepted.

- Development of robust Verification and Acceptance Cases in order to justify to higher authority why a system should be accepted.

- Development of Test/Trial plans and procedures, working with SMEs to identify what testing is required to produce the necessary evidence.

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