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We supply a range of weapons’ products and tools to help your organisation successfully achieve its project and programme goals, including FNGUN and FNGUN1D.



We have developed the FNGUN software suite to support internal ballistics design. It has distinctive combination of state-of-the-art numerical solvers and easy to use interfaces, making it popular for all levels of user, from novice ballisticians, through to expert systems engineers working for weapons’ research facilities and manufacturers.


FNGUN for internal ballistics

The FNGUN software covers a wide range of ordnance systems, such as cased telescoped ammunition, mortars, modular charges and bayonet primers, and has been validated on multiple systems, from small arms to large calibre and including direct and indirect fires. We have helped clients worldwide reduce their trial costs and time to market when developing pioneering systems.



A powerful simulation and design tool initially developed to help the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in predicting the performance of its propellant burning gun systems. the tool provides realistic assessments of gun and charge simulations in order to help deliver understanding of pressure waves and barrel heating. This understanding can then be applied to analyse barrel motion and buffer forces, informing design and guide test activities.


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