Uncrewed autonomous systems

Fast-changing autonomous technologies go beyond the simple automation of tasks: they can help deliver your business goals.

The automation of complex, expensive or repetitive tasks can deliver a range of benefits to your business – from increasing efficiency and reducing costs; to enabling you to collect better, more useful information; to improving safety. But newer autonomous technologies are evolving beyond the simple automation of tasks: using sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are able to operate dynamically and respond to changing environments. We can help you to understand how these fast-changing technologies can help your organisation.

With the ongoing trials of connected and autonomous vehicles, and research into the potential uses for autonomous technologies in industries including freight, logistics, shipping and passenger transport, the future ways in which people travel and businesses move their goods will be transformed. At Frazer-Nash, we’re helping organisations to identify the ways in which autonomous technologies can support their work, and the benefits and integration challenges they can bring.

In the defence sector, for example, our experts are working with the developers of uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs), which can be remotely operated or autonomous, to be used for activities including logistics resupply and replenishment, security, and soldier support.

 Our expertise

  • Robotic hardware
  • Embedded software
  • Automation
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

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