Physical security

Our experts help keep critical national infrastructure secure.

We help keep critical national infrastructure secure. Taking a systems-based approach, we determine the security risks to your business from a wide spectrum of potential threat actors, and quantify their potential impact upon your organisation.

Our security solutions are requirements driven, developed from industry guidance, best practice, and our own extensive practical experience. We work with you to really understand your challenges, delivering cost effective, innovative, and proportional security solutions, which meet the needs of your business, and your regulatory expectations and legal obligations.

Security is a multi-disciplinary profession and needs an integrated approach that considers a combination of technical, human, and management system aspects. Our holistic security and resilience consultancy services help keep Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) secure, and are underpinned by our systems engineering approach. 

We deliver a range of security services across all CNI sectors, including:

  • Design: developing protective security concepts and operational requirements
  • Security management: devising strategy, policy, plans and procedures for sites, facilities and systems, covering security, emergency preparedness and response and business continuity
  • Risk: quantifying security related risk through analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, probability and business impact; then estimating residual risk
  • Analysis: analytical services to support effective security related decision making. These include blast analysis, vital area identification, security cost benefit analysis, business impact analysis, security system performance measurement and wargaming. 


We believe that safety is dependent on effective security arrangements, and thus both aspects should be considered together. Cost effective and resilient security is best achieved through early engagement in the design process and by setting clear requirements, ensuring that you are 'secure by design'. Through offering auditable technical analysis, we help underpin your sound decision making.

Threats to your operations – from hostile states, organised crime and terrorism – are always evolving: effective horizon scanning is necessary to ensure that your security solutions are proportional and enduring. To achieve the most cost effective security solutions, you need to exploit the latest developments in science, technology, engineering and maths, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and remote digital monitoring and control. Our experts help you make the most of innovative technologies to develop and implement these security solutions.


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