Materials science

Our materials expertise optimise your operational assets to perform their function safely, reliably, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

You want your products, systems and infrastructure to perform their function safely, reliably, sustainably, and at the best possible cost. At the core of achieving these goals is the understanding of how materials behave in complex systems. Our materials expertise, encompassing metallics, ceramics, composites and polymers, helps you to optimise the operational performance of your asset, from cradle to grave.

We help you to understand how to mitigate the effects of operating conditions on your materials. This may be in design, where our engineers and scientists choose and qualify materials based on operational experience, in line with relevant legislation and standards; or during operation, where we develop material models and lifing approaches that account for degradation mechanisms such as creep, fatigue, thermal ageing, corrosion, irradiation and wear.


Our expertise includes:

Material modelling: We quantify the risk of damage to your asset under harsh operating conditions. Our multi-disciplinary team develops physics-based material models within a probabilistic framework to predict asset health, both now and in the future.

Material management: Through employing innovative digital and non-destructive technologies we enhance your asset integrity management plans, helping you to improve the creation, extraction, storage and analysis of your data to provide insight and smarter decisions.

Material selection: We offer expert insight into the most suitable material for your application, with a clear audit trail on all decision making. This delivers the assurance you need that your components and systems are fit for their duty, meet their specifications and will achieve their intended design life.

Material regulation: We provide you with confidence that the materials used in your project are legal, and compliant with applicable legislation and regulation. We author materials management plans, compiling processes to demonstrate to regulators that material hazards are as low as reasonably practical.

Corrosion and degradation: We use our understanding of corrosion mechanisms to predict how your asset may degrade through life, or to investigate in-service issues and advise on modification to the design or usage.


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