Asset enhancement and through-life support

We help our clients to protect their future operations, by developing robust, sustainable asset solutions.

Combining our hands-on experience of asset operations with our robust design processes, we can help you achieve the performance you need from your assets – now and into the future.

We base our approach on our systems engineering principles and our Systems Approach – providing a clarity of the benefit of the design development activities. We work on projects across all stages of an assets life-cycle, whether that be commissioning, ongoing operations or decommissioning.

We gain understanding of operational history through extracting data and simulation, and from understanding the user experience - using a range of methods including stakeholder workshops. Our approach provides a clear basis of asset design, on which we build robust solutions which are aligned to your objectives.

Examples of type of things we can help you with include:

  • production and manufacturing engineering
  • engineering optimisation and value engineering
  • machinery upgrades and fleet development
  • feasibility studies and technical due diligence
  • digital assets and engineering asset management.

We help manufacturers, owners, operators, regulators and stakeholders; to maximise the value they get from assets and resources at all stages of their life cycle.