WOME stowage planning

Our bespoke software tool supports weapons’ stowage planning.

Frazer-Nash has supported Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) in its stowage planning capability, through the development of a bespoke software application, Stowage.

Stowage enables planners to model the arrangement of ordnance, munitions and explosives (OME) within ship magazines, allowing them to select from an extensive library of built-in definitions, and using a clear and effective 2D drag-and-drop style workflow.

Through continuous evaluation of the model against industry regulations, the efficiency of planning activities is increased as regulation breaches are highlighted earlier in the workflow.

As a decision support tool, Stowage aims to streamline the planning process through the delivery of relevant contextual information, reducing the organisation’s burden and reliance on in-depth domain knowledge.

Additional features of the software include mechanical handling equipment (MHE) clearance visualisation, tailored exportable Microsoft Word reports, and a broad range of configurable visual options which assist in the awareness of the distribution of OME properties (for example, mass, NEQ and IMAP).

A high-quality software application, Stowage has been written in C#, and was developed following a TickITPlus accredited software development life cycle.


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